Welcome all to the monthly updates on Standards & Practices. Our goal is to keep you up to date on the latest
Standards and Practices released by ISA. Now that we are half way through the year, let's review some of the newest
released standards and reports from ISA. So far in 2017, five new updates have been officially released.
As shown below, the first three are technical reports and the last two are dual ANSI/ISA Standards.

ISA-TR84.00.09-2017 - Cybersecurity Related to the Functional Safety Lifecycle: Provides guidance on integrating
cybersecurity and the safety cycle cycles.

ISA-TR100.20.01-2017 - Common Network Management: Concepts and Terminology: Provides overview of the terminologies.

ISA-TR18.2.7-2017 - Alarm Management When Utilizing Packaged Systems: Provides guidance on integrating systems into a
BPCS alarm.

ANSI/ISA-75.08.02-2003 (R2017), Face-to-Face Dimensions for Flanged and Flangeless Rotary Control Valves: Covers the
dimensions for ball and rotary valves for < 600 classes or < PN 100 rating.

ANSI/ISA-96.08.01-2017 - Guidelines for the Specification of Linear and Rotary Gas Over Oil Valve Actuators: Provides sizing
and selection of gas over oil actuators.

In the next few months, we will go over the some of the specifications in details. Remember, all members have free access to
ISA standards and reports including their latest releases. A few of them will need to be purchased due to copyright reasons
with other non-ISA publishers. To access the standards, please go to