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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

John C Querido
Corrosion of metals and NACE MR0175
Eddie Chau
Manager, Design Engineering

5:00 p.m. ~ Food & Networking
6:00 p.m. ~ Presentation

Emerson Process Management
2400 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, CA, 92606

Michelle Nelson 714-904-9087

Why do metals corrode and what are the chemical actions that take place? These are the areas we will explore in this month's training as we review materials for use in hydrogen-sulfide containing environment. In particular, we will review the science behind corrosion in pipelines, valves, and instruments in the oil & gas processing and petrochemical processing industries. Corrosion by itself is a complex subject, but methods exist to minimize the effects of corrosion. We will review the standard, ISO 15156 (or NACE MR0175), and discuss its recommendations for low alloy steels and corrosion resistant alloys.

Eddie Chau is currently the Manager of Engineering at IMI CCI in Rancho Santa Margarita. Prior to IMI CCI, Eddie worked at National Oilwell and Nissan. In the 23 years he's been at IMI CCI, Eddie has worked in Design Engineering, Technical Services, Test Lab, and Sales. He is now managing the engineering team, consisting of Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Nuclear engineering. His team is responsible for designing severe service valves and actuations for a wide range of applications in Power generation, LNG, Petrochemical, and Nuclear industries. Since the design and manufacturing are done here in Southern California, the best part of his work is being able to see the products the team designs from concept to testing to production. Even after being there for so many years, he still learns something new daily. Eddie joined the ISA Orange County Chapter 2 years ago, to enrich his knowledge on ISA standards and to improve networking. As the Standards and Practice Chair, his goal is to update the members of the newest and latest changes on standards.

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